Becoming a Vet Sustain Supporter

Together we can drive sustainability in the veterinary professions.

2020 is the year that Vet Sustain matures from a volunteer-driven social network of 2,000 sustainability-conscious veterinary professionals, to a financially-viable not-for-profit social enterprise that equips our profession with the tools and training it needs to tackle multiple challenges we face – for the sustainability of our own profession, the sectors we influence and wider society.

The proposition

We are seeking organisations that are passionate about driving sustainability for the benefit of people, animals and the natural world.

In order to realise our vision for Vet Sustain and to implement our strategy, we are seeking unrestricted financial support from a range of organisations. Supporters will be investing in the work that Vet Sustain undertakes for veterinary professionals and members of the vet-led team.


In return for their support, organisations will:

  • Connect with a network of other progressive organisations via regular online events; a space for discussion and exploring ideas for collective action, and hearing updates on Vet Sustain and sector insights;
  • Build knowledge by receiving access to Vet Sustain tools and best-practice resources; and
  • Gain profile by sharing your experiences and progress amongst our network and being recognised in Vet Sustain’s communications including logo placement on our website.

Due diligence

We believe progress is best made as a “broad church”, and as such we welcome affiliations with all forms of organisation that share our intention to make meaningful progress, from a variety of baselines.

Through a process of due diligence, Vet Sustain will ensure that it receives financial support from organisations that share our goals for the veterinary profession and can commit to working towards delivering these in their work. These conversations will help businesses to scope their own impact and pave the way towards new projects, products, ambitions and achievements that help to differentiate their brand.

How this helps us

Non-exclusive contractual relationships with supporters that provide unrestricted funding will allow Vet Sustain to continue its work with independence and impartiality. This income stream will be of vital importance to support our overhead costs, and enable us to deliver a package of freely-available core resources to vets and members of the vet-led team, to maximise uptake, participation and impact.

Interested in investing in our future?

We're interested in hearing from people who are passionate about driving sustainability for the benefit of people, animals and the natural world.