Partnering with Vet Sustain

Together we can drive sustainability in the veterinary professions.

There are some extraordinary organisations driving change towards a more sustainable future in the veterinary sector:

There are organisations supporting veterinary businesses to become more environmentally sustainable, championing animal welfare, driving responsible medicine use, raising awareness around mental health and wellbeing, and supporting environmental best practice in animal husbandry.

Vet Sustain seeks to champion and amplify the work of these organisations, to work collaboratively for a common goal, to provide education and to inform and inspire actions.
We recognise that these diverse activities all contribute to sustainability, where human, animal and environmental health are inextricably linked.

We invite organisations to work in partnership with Vet Sustain to deliver shared objectives and drive meaningful progress towards a sustainable future for the veterinary profession.

Examples of partnership projects

  • Delivering free webinars via a partner’s platform to disseminate veterinary sustainability CPD;
  • Producing quality sustainability content for distribution via a partner’s media platform in exchange for remuneration or advertising for Vet Sustain;
  • Producing independent and impartial resources jointly with a partner to drive sustainability in a particular segment of the veterinary profession, by sharing resources and expertise;
  • Delivery of consultancy projects or training for partners in our areas of expertise;
  • Contribution of in-kind support from a partner to support Vet Sustain’s work towards shared goals.

We recognise that commercial businesses play an important role in helping the veterinary profession achieve important sustainability work and we urge them to engage and action sustainability changes. We are keen to engage with all stakeholders but in order to remain independent, impartial and focused on delivering our strategy for the benefit of the veterinary community, Vet Sustain cannot produce resources for dissemination across the profession sponsored by commercial businesses. For further information on how commercial businesses can help make a difference and join our Supporters Coalition, please see the Supporters section of our website.

Benefits of working with us

  • Access to a wide range of sustainability expertise;
  • Association with a progressive movement with growing
    influence across the global profession;
  • Visibility for your organisation on our website.

Interested in partnering with Vet Sustain?

Talk to us about potential partnership projects and find out more about our current work programme.