Food & Farming

Created by a group of farm animal, aquaculture and wildlife population health experts.

Our Food and Farming working group is supporting the transition towards a more sustainable farming future — including the conservation and regeneration of natural ecosystems, through agriculture.

Ruth Clements

Head of Veterinary Programmes
Working Group Chair

David Black

Managing Director
Paragon Veterinary Group

Ed Bailey

Veterinary Surgeon
George Farm Vets and Soil Association

Alexandra Tomlinson

Wildlife Health & Veterinary Consultant

Ruth Layton


Rob Howe

Veterinary Surgeon & Director
LLM Farm Vets

Lisa Morgans

Head of Livestock
Innovation for Agriculture

Rachel Hayton

Veterinary Surgeon
Synergy Farm Health BCVA Board member

Isy Manning

Veterinary Surgeon
Poultry Health Services

Megan Williamson

Executive Officer VetSalus

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