Veterinary Sustainability Goals

With the intention of uniting the actions of veterinary professionals, we have created six goals for sustainability. Our Goals highlight the ways that veterinary professionals can, and do, play a key role in addressing the multiple challenges facing society.

Diverse and abundant wildlife

Conserve and enhance natural landscapes, habitats and biological diversity and abundance of wild terrestrial and aquatic plant and animal species.

A good life for animals

Safeguard and advocate for the health and welfare, in life and at the point of death, of animals under our care and those that are affected by human activity.

Net zero warming

Implement and promote decarbonisation through energy efficiency, the generation and use of renewable energy, mitigation of global warming and sequestration of carbon.

Health and wellbeing

Safeguard and enhance the physical and mental wellbeing of people and support a transition to livelihoods and lifestyles that are fit for the future.

A no-waste society

Minimise the usage and disposal of resources and materials, and support a transition to a circular economy.

Enough clean water for all

Uphold best practice in fresh water conservation and protection to mitigate water stress and prevent water pollution.