Vet Sustain supports veterinary professionals to drive change towards a more sustainable future

The world is facing a multitude of complex and pressing challenges. Climate change, biodiversity depletion and public health pandemics are presenting existential threats to human civilisation and the natural world. Together we can make a difference.


Our vision is for the veterinary profession to be enabled as leading forces for sustainability


Our mission is to enable and inspire veterinary professionals to continually improve the health and wellbeing of animals, people and the environment


With the intention of uniting the actions of veterinary professionals, we have created six goals for sustainability. Our Goals highlight the ways that veterinary professionals can, and do, play a key role in addressing the multiple challenges facing society.

Diverse and abundant wildlife

Conserve and enhance natural landscapes, habitats and biological diversity and abundance of wild terrestrial and aquatic plant and animal species.

A good life for animals

Safeguard and advocate for the health and welfare, in life and at the point of death, of animals under our care and those that are affected by human activity.

Net zero warming

Implement and promote decarbonisation through energy efficiency, the generation and use of renewable energy, mitigation of global warming and sequestration of carbon.

Health and happiness

Safeguard and enhance the physical and mental wellbeing of people and support a transition to livelihoods and lifestyles that are fit for the future.

A no-waste society

Minimise the usage and disposal of resources and materials, and support a transition to a circular economy.

Enough clean water for all

Uphold best practice in fresh water conservation and protection to mitigate water stress and prevent water pollution.



Build an online network of 5,000 veterinary professionals by 2020


Integrate sustainability topics in to the curriculum of all UK veterinary schools by 2022


Integrate sustainability in to the policy and standards of the key UK veterinary associations and institutions by 2025


Integrate sustainability policy and practices in to more than 50% of UK veterinary practices by 2025


Equip veterinary professionals and vet-led businesses with the tools to support uptake of sustainability policy and practices in the sectors we influence through the animals under our care, by 2025

Meet the Vet Sustain team

Founded in 2019 by a group of veterinary professionals, the Vet Sustain team are volunteers who dedicate their time to championing the health of humans, animals and ecosystems.

Gudrun Ravetz
Director & Chair

Motivated to help all veterinary stakeholders take control of their sustainability through access to education and leadership — Gudrun is a past president of the British Veterinary Association and head veterinary officer at Simplyhealth.

David Black

Recognised as a specialist in cattle health and production by RCVS, David has dedicated his career to improving sustainability in dairy practice. David is a specialist advisor to many global and national committees and societies.

Laura Higham

Focused on animal welfare and responsible antibiotic usage — Laura supports the food production industry to become sustainable through her work as a veterinary consultant in sustainable agriculture at FAI.

Sean Wensley

Qualified in animal behaviour and welfare, Sean is a Senior Vet at PDSA and a former BVA President. Winner of the WVA Global Animal Welfare Award, Sean lectures internationally and Chairs the FVE Animal Welfare Working Group.

Zoe Halfacree
Director & Greener Veterinary Practice Working Group Member

Recognised as an RCVS and EBVS specialist in Small Animal Surgery, Zoë has worked in academia and private practice and is a passionate advocate for sustainability, both within education and our daily clinical practices.

Chantelle Brandwood
Commercial and Sustainability Partner

Committed to supporting veterinary businesses with their sustainable change efforts - Chantelle brings over 18 years of commercial expertise and is also the founder of Eco Offset Ltd.

Jade Urquhart-Gilmore

Recent veterinary graduate with interests in social, environmental and professional sustainability. Previous president (2019-20) and current Alumni Trustee of RVC Students' Union and current Trustee of BVCIS.

Ed Bailey
BVSc Cert AVP (Cattle) MRCVS, RCVS recognised advanced practitioner in cattle health and production

Practising as a farm animal vet, Ed works with farmers and the Soil Association to help maximise the environmental benefits of nature friendly farming. He is also Sustainability Lead for a large independent practice, helping embed sustainability as a core value.

Ellie Duffy
Operations Manager
BVSC MRCVS, MA in Environment, Development and Policy

Determined to promote positive change in the world through advocating for equitable solutions to global issues, Ellie brings a wealth of experience in One Health and clinical practice to her role as Operations Manager.

Hannah Davies
Technical Content Lead
BVMS MRCVS, MA in International Animal Health

With experience in large animal clinical practice, academia and international development, Hannah is committed to driving education for sustainable development through her role as Technical Content Lead.

Working Groups

Our working groups have been formed by members of the Vet Sustain community. By joining together we’re able to work towards achieving our sustainability goals.