Vet Curriculum

Bringing together representatives from UK veterinary teaching institutions with the aim of building upon, and aligning, sustainability concepts in the curricula for undergraduate students.

Sharon Boyd

Senior Lecturer in Distance Student Learning
University of Edinburgh
Working Group Chair

Susan Rhind

Chair of Veterinary Education
University of Edinburgh

Carolyn Morton

Lecturer in Professional Studies
University of Edinburgh

Samantha Fontaine

Lecturer in Veterinary Science & Education
University of of Glasgow

Noelia Yusta

Lecturer in Veterinary Pathology, Public Health & Disease Investigation
University of Glasgow

John Graham-Brown

Lecturer in Livestock and One Health
University of Liverpool

Rita Goncalves

Senior Lecturer in Veterinary Neurology
University of Liverpool

Rob Smith

Head of Department, Department of Livestock and One Health
University of Liverpool

Louisa Slingsby

Senior Lecturer
University of Bristol

Amelia Garcia-Ara

Assistant Professor in Veterinary Public Health
University of Nottingham

Sarah Hewitt

Clinical Assistant Professor
University of Nottingham

Zoe Robinson

Professor of Sustainability in Higher Education
Keele University

David J. Connolly

Professor in Veterinary Cardiology
Royal Veterinary College

Catherine Kendall

Veterinary Nurse Student Training Co-Ordinator
Royal Veterinary College

Steven van Winden

Associate Professor in Population Medicine
Royal Veterinary College

Saira Khurshid Akhtar

Teaching Fellow
Royal Veterinary College

Zoe Halfacree

Small Animal Surgeon
Davies Veterinary Specialists

Iain Richards

Senior Lecturer in Animal Life
University of Central Lancashire

Hannah Davies

Veterinary Clinical Teaching Fellow
University of Surrey

Dynatra Subasinghe

Senior Lecturer in Small Animal Clinical Practice
University of Surrey

Barbara Skelly

Senior Lecturer in Small Animal Studies
University of Cambridge

Milorad Radakovic

Associate Teaching Professor
University of Cambridge

Alun Williams

Professor of Veterinary Diagnostic Pathology
University of Cambridge

Sanda Nicholson

Lecturer in Veterinary Nursing
University College Dublin

Sue Paterson

RCVS Liaison
Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons

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