We understand that forming partnerships is essential to address complex societal challenges

If you are concerned about supporting the wellbeing of humans, animals and ecosystems — join us and make real change.


Vet Sustain collaborates with partners from inside and outside of the veterinary professions. If your organisation is interested in collaborating with us, let us know.


Supporting change that's fundamental to the world’s future.

sankalpa has supported Vet Sustain from our inception with vital start-up costs.

Investors in the Environmentiie.uk.com

Investors in the Environment (iiE) is a national environmental accreditation scheme.

Vet Sustain works with iiE to provide veterinary practices and other organisations with the information and resources they need to reduce their environmental impact.


Vet Sustain seeks support from businesses that understand the unique opportunity for veterinary professionals to leverage change. We’re looking for support from those who want to invest in a sustainable future for the veterinary profession and the sectors we influence.

What does it mean to be a Sustainability Practitioner?

Read tips and insights from those who work in practice, research, industry and government.

Meet the Sustainability Practitioners

Meet our Ambassadors

Our Ambassadors are politicians, environmentalists, TV presenters and influencers — they are incredible veterinary role models who are driving sustainability in their work and helping to raise awareness of Vet Sustain's work.

Lord Sandy Trees
Emeritus Professor of Veterinary Parasitology & Peer of the House of Lords
"As vets, we can champion the health and welfare of animals by looking after the environment we share with them and ensuring the profession is at the centre of positive change."
Jen Gale
Author & Sustainability Coach
"We have the opportunity to raise awareness not only of the issues we are facing, but to look for solutions that will work to enable vets, as professionals and as individuals, to make a positive difference."
Dr Jess French
Vet, Zoologist, Author & Presenter
"I am proud to be an ambassador for Vet Sustain, a movement which takes a holistic view of the veterinary sector's response to the growing threats faced by our planet."
Dr Cal Major
Ocean Advocate, Veterinary Surgeon & World Record Stand Up Paddleboarder

"Our health, the planet’s health and animal health are inextricably linked, and we have a unique opportunity as members of the veterinary profession to ensure that our industry moves forward respecting all three."

Meet our Champions

From the veterinary nurses who advise on responsible antibiotic use and lead welfare campaigns, to the practice managers who actively reduce the environmental footprint of their workplace — we recognise the scale of your impact.

Roisin Dickinson

Veterinary Surgeon
Cedar Grove Vet Clinic, Belfast

Topaz Koch

Veterinary Surgeon
The Neighborhood Vet, London

Ashley Otto

Veterinary Student
University of Missouri - Columbia, Missouri USA

Rebekah Sullivan

Veterinary Surgeon
The Donkey Sanctuary, Sidmouth

Dorottya Nagy

Veterinary Surgeon
University of Liege, Belgium

Catherine Burke

Veterinary Surgeon
Westover Vets, North Walsham

Lindsey Edwards

Veterinary Surgeon
Woodview Veterinary Clinic

Merryn Wymes

Veterinary Nurse
Locum RVN, Scotland & Zero Waste Veterinary

Alexandra Ashworth

Veterinary Surgeon & Advisor
MSD Animal Health, Lancashire

Laura Sullivan

Veterinary Surgeon
Locum, Bristol/ North Somerset

Alex Mullarky

Veterinary Nurse
The Sustainable Vet Nurse

Fay Marley-Cook

Veterinary Surgeon & Advisor

Isobel McCarroll

Veterinary Surgeon
Clifton Villa Vets, Newquay

Ailsa Milnes

Veterinary surgeon & Advisor
Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health, UK

Helen Uden

Veterinary Surgeon
Boehringer Ingelheim, UK

Isabel Murch

Veterinary Student
University of Liverpool

Fran Haddock

Veterinary Surgeon
Vets4pets Millhouses, Sheffield

Ellie West

Veterinary anaesthetist & Environmental Sustainability Lead
Davies Veterinary Specialists, Linnaeus Group

Welcoming veterinary professionals who bring about positive sustainable change

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