Webinar -Greener Veterinary Practice: The Biodiversity Crisis What Can We Do To Help

This webinar covers the extent and importance of biodiversity issues in the UK and cover some of the key drivers of the current levels of decline. With perspectives from both companion animal and farm practice, this webinar will look at case studies to demonstrate how to use direct actions in and around our clinics to support biodiversity, and cover ideas on how to develop simple outreach programs with our clients and local communities to support nature.

Learning objectives:

  • To understand the importance of threats to biodiversity
  • To learn what actions we can take as individuals in our everyday lives to improve biodiversity
  • To develop practical steps and communication strategies that can be used in everyday veterinary practice.

With Laura Binnie, Andrew Prentis & Ed Bailey


Laura Binnie is a small animal vet who qualified from Edinburgh in 2010, after completing a zoology degree, with a focus parasitology. Laura works at Paragon Vets, an independent rural mixed practice in Cumbria, where she has been leading their Green Group and sustainability project since 2020. Paragon were the first practice to be awarded the RCVS PSS Environmental Sustainability award, and have achieved Silver level at Investors in the Environment (now working towards Green). Paragon Vets also won the IIE Natural Environment Champions of 2023, and the Webinar Vet Greenest Veterinary Practice (20+ employees). Laura is a member of the Vet Sustain Greener Veterinary Practice working group, and has recently been appointed as a sustainability advisor to the XL Vets group, a membership of 66 independent practices, and she was also awarded Greenest Vet personality of the year 2024

Andrew Prentis spent nearly 40 years in companion animal practice, and is now a Visiting Fellow at Imperial College's Grantham Institute, which works on issues around Climate Change and the Environment. Andrew is also a member of the PREPP group (Producing Rational Evidence for Parasiticide Prescription), whose current focus is on environmental contamination by pesticides associated with animal treatment and their potential impact on ecosystems and biodiversity, who are developing evidence to underpin appropriate advice and inform future policy and legislative action.

Ed Bailey is a full time vet in farm animal practice, and Director and current Chair of Vet Sustain. Ed is particularly interested in grazing ruminant systems, and how pasture and hedgerow management can be a positive influence on biodiversity, climate resilience and farm sustainability.

Greener Veterinary Practice: The Biodiversity Crisis What Can we Do To Help