Webinar - Greener Veterinary Practice: Calculating Your Practice's Carbon Footprint

It's never been more important to tackle our global greenhouse gas emissions. In this webinar we take a quick dive into the carbon footprint of your veterinary practice.

We cover what a carbon footprint is, what contributes to it, and what information you need to calculate your own practice's footprint. And we'll walk you through how to use our Veterinary Carbon Calculator and empower and inspire you to take action!

With Ellie Duffy and Claire Cieluch


Ellie Duffy is Operations Manager for Vet Sustain, having joined the community interest company as their first employee in 2023. Ellie qualified from the University of Liverpool in 2016, and graduated with a Master’s degree in Environment, Development and Policy from the University of Sussex in 2021. Ellie's passion lies in supporting other navigate sustainability in a nunanced and equitable way.

Claire Cieluch is an emergency vet at YourVets in Rayleigh. She graduated from the RVC in 2010, and gained her ECC certificate in 2017. Claire joined the Vet Sustain Greener Veterinary Practice Working Group in 2021, and is the current Secretary. Clare leads the green team at her practice, and having utilised carbon footprinting to implement positive changes in her own practice, is keen to help others to do the same.

Greener Veterinary Practice: Calculating Your Practice's Carbon Footprint