Webinar - Greener Veterinary Practice: Responsible Parasiticide Use

This webinar covers what the concerns are around parasiticide use, the current evidence, and possible actions vet teams can take to start addressing these concerns.

Learning objectives:

  • To understand the complex issues surrounding the use of parasiticides and other medicines, and the potential risks from these products to ecosystems, animal health and human health, examining emerging evidence
  • To explore ways that veterinary teams and practices can minimise these risks, such as risk-based prescribing, parasite consults and green health plans
  • To empower vet teams to use their influence with the VMD, pharmaceutical companies and employers to together promote more responsible actions

With Justine Shotton, Andrew Prentis & Nicole Dyer


Justine Shotton is the current Head Vet for Wildlife and Exotics at the RSPCA . Justine is passionate about environmental sustainability, conservation and improving the welfare of all animals, both wild and domestic. Justine is a Director of Vet Sustain and a Trustee of the Animal Welfare Foundation. She was President of the British Veterinary Association from 2021-2 and chose Sustainability as her presidential theme, and was also involved in the creation of BVA's policy position on the Responsible Use of Parasiticides for Cats and Dogs. As well as her veterinary degree, Justine has a BSc in Veterinary Pathology and an MSc in Wild Animal Health and she continues to champion One Health and the interplay between human health, animal health and environmental health.

Andrew Prentis spent nearly 40 years in companion animal practice, and is now a Visiting Fellow at Imperial College's Grantham Institute, which works on issues around Climate Change and the Environment. Andrew is also a member of the PREPP group (Producing Rational Evidence for Parasiticide Prescription), whose current focus is on environmental contamination by pesticides associated with animal treatment and their potential impact on ecosystems and biodiversity, who are developing evidence to underpin appropriate advice and inform future policy and legislative action.

Nicole Dyer graduated from the RVC in 2013 and is currently working in first opinion small animal practice in Leicestershire. She is passionate about achievable ways to reduce the ecological impact of practice and has lead sustainability initiatives in her practice, including achieving external accreditation with IIE. Nicole is a current member of the Vet Sustain greener veterinary working practice group, and is interested in how we can work to use parasiticides in a responsible manner and is also currently conducting a small local prevalence project.

Greener Veterinary Practice: Responsible Parasiticide Use