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Antibiotic Awareness Week 2023

Vet Sustain

The 18-24th November 2023 marks ‘World Antibiotic Awareness Week’ with the theme ‘preventing antimicrobial resistance together’.

Has World Antibiotic Awareness Week got you thinking about your medicine prescribing practices?

Take a look at some of these useful resources, to help you consider when prescribing an antibiotic is needed, and which antibiotic is most suitable.


Are you a farm vet wanting to get more involved with antibiotic awareness? In line with the theme of ‘preventing antimicrobial resistance together’ you could become a farm vet champion. Learn more about antimicrobial resistance and setting SMART goals within your practice team to plan, prevent and protect our herds and flocks from disease threats. Find out more here:

Your antimicrobial prescribing policy can play an important role in your environmental sustainability policy. The Vet Sustain Environmental Sustainability Policy resources help enable you to champion sustainability and make a commitment to protect the environment. Take a look at the template and guidelines to help you get started here. You could consider creating a policy target focused on AMR as part of ‘World Antibiotic Awareness Week’.

You can play your part, and get your clients involved too! Why not run an ‘antibiotic amnesty’ throughout November, promoting responsible and safe disposal of medicines with your clients. Read more on our blog on Antibiotic Amnesty month here.