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Food for Thought - Screening of Cornwall Climate Care film

Vet Sustain are delighted to bring you ‘Food for Thought’ a short film produced by Cornwall Climate Care.

Cornwall Climate Care

Should we be giving up meat and dairy if we’re to have a hope of avoiding dangerous climate breakdown?

This is what the headlines seem to tell us. But is this too simplistic a picture? And what would this mean for a rural county like Cornwall, where the majority of farmland is used to raise livestock or to grow crops for these animals to eat?

‘Food for thought’ looks at the undeniable impacts of modern animal agriculture as well as some of the incredible Cornish initiatives underway to mitigate them, including the role of regenerative farming in combating climate change while producing nutritious food.

Presented by organic beef farmer Lisa Guy, this film aims to inspire much needed conversation and action about a crucial subject that has become one of the most contentious within the climate debate.

Vet Sustain will be joined after the film screening for a Q&A with Cornwall Climate Care producer Claire Wallerstein, Professor James Dyke, assistant director of Exeter University's Global Systems Institute, and Dr Robin Jackson, director of the Rural Business School at Duchy College

Join our free screening and Q and A session

Mon 24th July, 7.30 - 8.30 pm GMT