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IVC Evidensia partners with Vet Sustain to further improve sustainability across the veterinary professions

Vet Sustain

We are delighted to announce that IVC Evidensia has partnered with Vet Sustain to promote sustainability as a key focus of the veterinary industry and help the profession as a whole improve the implementation of it going forward.

Vet Sustain is a UK-based social enterprise company working to enable and inspire veterinary professionals to become leading forces in sustainability and continually improve the health and wellbeing of animals, people and the environment. Through their wide network and diverse working groups, Vet Sustain produce tools, training and communications for veterinary professionals centred around their six Veterinary Sustainability Goals (SDGs).

The six Veterinary Sustainability Goals (SDGs) highlight the roles of veterinary professionals in driving sustainability in line with the UN’s own SDGs. To collectively tackle these ambitious goals, Vet Sustain have pledged to work in collaboration with partners that share their values, to deliver shared objectives and make a meaningful impact. A recent survey by the British Veterinary Association found that 89% of vets said they would like to play a more active role in the UK sustainability agenda and working together as a profession will allow us all to be more active and make a collective difference.

Sustainability has already been established as a key focus for IVC Evidensia, following the publication of a Sustainability Report in 2021, known as the Positive Pawprint. The report focused on protecting the health and happiness of people and their pets, while reducing environmental impact and promoting the principles of sustainability. It highlighted three pillars - People, Planet and Pets, that will help IVC Evidensia implement leading sustainability standards across all operations from individual clinics and hospitals to the central teams.

Gudrun Ravetz, Chair and Director of Vet Sustain, said:

“We are very pleased to announce IVC Evidensia as a strategic partner of Vet Sustain. Veterinary professionals sit at the One Health triumvirate of people, planet and environment every day and working with IVC Evidensia will allow Vet Sustain to continue work on ambitious projects to support veterinary professionals to be active sustainability champions.”

Sarah Heath, Director of Sustainability and ESG at IVC Evidensia, said:

“At IVC Evidensia, we believe it is our responsibility to set and share new standards of sustainability in animal health. Transforming how we do things is an exciting challenge, and we know that working with excellent partners like Vet Sustain will help us to not only embed sustainability within our global operations but also play our part as a force for good across the whole veterinary profession. We are delighted to be working with Vet Sustain and look forward to supporting their innovative and exciting projects to improve sustainability in veterinary care.”

You can find out more about the Sustainability Report, known as Positive Pawprint here.