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Check out our sustainable book lists for some reading inspiration

Do you love a good book? Are you looking for some new reading suggestions?If so, why not take a look at our carefully selected ‘sustainable’ book lists to provide you with some inspiration. These lists have been carefully put together by our community to share some of our favourite inspirational and thought provoking reads.

Vet Sustain

If there is one thing we like more than a great book, it’s a big pile of great books! So Vet Sustain have put together a number of book lists in collaboration with to share some of our best sustainability-focused reads. Browse our full list of recommended reading at

There is something for everyone in our sustainable book lists which have been thoughtfully created by our directors and working group members. From starting out on your sustainability journey, to championing sustainability at home and at work, to delving deeper into some of the worlds complex sustainability challenges that we are facing, our book lists will take you on a sustainability journey and certainly give you some food for thought. We hope that you will find these reads inspiring and enable you on your own sustainability journey.

Starting out on your sustainability journey

Including books such as ‘There is no planet B’ by Mike Berners-Lee this list will lay the grounding of what sustainability is, explore core principles and definitions and help us to understand why it is so important for achieving a prosperous future for all.

Sustainable Living

This list is for those wanting to live a more sustainable life, considering the impact of our decisions on ourselves, others, and our environment. Books such as ‘The Sustainable-ish Living Guide’ by our very own Vet Sustain director Jen Gale will help you to consider practical, easy to implement and down to earth ways to live a more sustainable life.

One Health, One World

These books have been selected to encourage a one health and systems thinking approach to sustainability through developing your understanding of how humans, animals and the environment are interlinked. This list includes books such as ‘Through a Vet’s Eyes’ written by Sean Wensley, which explores the intrinsic link between humans and animals, the injustices that animals experience every day, and how we can choose a better life for animals under our care.

Food and Farming Focus

The food and farming book list provides a range of books to explore the impact of agriculture on our climate and the solutions that sustainable and regenerative farming can offer, alongside exploration of different diets and how diets may change in the future. Books such as ‘Rooted, How regenerative farming can change the world’ written by Sarah Langford gives an overview of Sarah’s experience of what it means to be a farmer delving into how the land connects us all and can provide positive connections for mental and physical wellbeing.

Sustainable Education

For all you budding teachers and educators out there this list has been put together by our curriculum working group to highlight the ways in which we can champion education for sustainable development to inspire others on their sustainability journey. Have a read of ‘Rethinking Education for Sustainable Development’ which explores how education can be used as a tool to promote practices as the world faces huge climate change and human health challenges.

Looking to the future

We want to encourage a movement towards a sustainable future and this list provides some great reads with inspirational stories of how we can achieve this. Books such as ‘Drawdown’ by Paul Hawken brings together international researchers, scientists and policymakers to outline a realistic and economically viable set of bold solutions to climate change.

We hope that these lists will help you to better understand the concepts of sustainability, consider the science of climate change, foster critical thinking about our personal and wider impact on our planet and consider solutions for a just and prosperous future for all. We would also love to hear about any book recommendations that you would like to share with the vet sustain community, please do get in touch with your recommendations here.

Check out these and all our recommended reads.