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Online Training Course from Vet Sustain - Coming Soon!!

Food & Farming Course for Veterinary Professionals

Alice Geddes

As veterinary professionals, we are in a unique position to take action and inspire others. As farm animal practitioners, we have privileged access to the farming businesses that represent our food system, the unrivalled trust of our clients, and a multidisciplinary skill set. With these tools, we are in an ideal position to help develop the sustainable food and farming system we need to meet the nutritional needs of our growing population, combat climate change, regenerate ecosystems, secure rural livelihoods and safeguard animal welfare.

Vet Sustain’s Food & Farming Working Group alongside VetSalus are working to develop and deliver a training course tailored to the veterinary community to drive effective change towards more sustainable food production practices, by understanding the complex drivers and needs of both veterinarians and farmers. The course aims to empower veterinary professionals working with farm animals to unlock their unique toolbox of skills and knowledge to help producers attain multiple sustainability objectives – for the benefit of the animals under our care, rural communities, wildlife and the wider environment.

The course will consist of informative reading interspersed with real-life case-studies, links to online material such as videos, and incorporates interactive elements, with recommended reads throughout the course. There will be workshops organised for each cohort at the start, middle and end of the programme. The course is due for launch in summer 2022.

Registrations of interest in the course can be sent through to [email protected], and to keep up to date with the work of the Food & Farming Working Group by keeping an eye on the website and following our social media channels.

We are always on the lookout for guest authors to provide interesting and insightful articles on sustainable agriculture - please send any ideas through to [email protected].