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Vet Sustain Launch Environmental Sustainability Policy Resources

Vet Sustain have created an Environmental Sustainability Policy template and completion guide to support veterinary practices in developing meaningful and achievable targets as part of their commitment to climate change and environmental sustainability.

Vet Sustain

As we face the global climate crisis it has never been more important for businesses to take positive steps to reduce their environmental impact. Our global temperature is rising, we are seeing hotter temperatures, more severe storms, increased drought, rising sea temperatures, loss of species biodiversity, famine, poverty, displacement and increased health risks. Veterinary professionals working at the human, animal, environmental interface have a unique position to instigate widespread positive change. However it can be daunting to know where to start and where to focus efforts to have the greatest impact.

Have you thought about the key areas of your business that contribute towards climate change and consumption of resources? Have you thought about how you might take steps to reduce your environmental impact?

The Vet Sustain Environmental Sustainability Policy Template is a step-by-step guide which will walk you through the fundamental areas of your veterinary business that contribute to your environmental impact and encourage setting meaningful and achievable targets to action across the business. Through implementation of a practice-wide environmental policy, staff, colleagues, clients and suppliers will be inspired to take an active role in your sustainability journey. The policy sits alongside the RCVS Practice Standards Scheme core requirement for achievement of the Environmental Sustainability Module , whereby ‘all practices must have a written environmental sustainability policy’.

These resources have been developed to encourage a practice wide, inclusive discussion around where your business has the greatest environmental impact, and which aspects of the business you want to focus on for the creation of achievable and meaningful targets for change. It gets you thinking about your greenhouse gas emissions, your social responsibility, your environmental risks and opportunities, and encourages the setting of achievable and meaningful targets to reduce the environmental impact of your veterinary business.

Free Environmental Sustainability Policy Resources for Veterinary Practices