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XLVets launch their 2021 “Sustainability Week” with Webinar series

In this blog, Alice Geddes from VetSalus and Vet Sustain summarises a recent event by XLVets to inspire and enable their team around sustainability action in practice and on farms.

Alice Geddes

Vet Sustain were proud to recently be involved in the delivery of a webinar series for the XLVets Group, in partnership with VetSalus. The event, which took place in June over five days, was titled ‘Sustainability Week’ and was designed to provide an introduction for vets and their teams to sustainable practices in clinical settings and on farms.

The first session was launched by two high profile veterinary politicians: the Right Honourable Professor The Lord Trees, and Dr Neil Hudson MP. Both emphasised the critical role which veterinarians can have in sustainability, working at both the human-animal-environment interface and in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Speakers addressed a wide range of topics including operational aspects of veterinary practice - for example the use of anaesthetic gases and plastic recycling; as well as the wider considerations including carbon footprinting, integrated parasite management and regenerative agriculture.

Despite the varying topics, a clear theme emerged from the presentations and following discussions: no matter what area of veterinary business we are engaged in, there is a contribution to make towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions and reducing our environmental footprints.

Speakers from Vet Sustain included members from both our Greener Veterinary Practice Working Group; Becky Sedman and Silvia Janska, and the Food & Farming Working Group; Alex Tomlinson, Rob Howe and David Black. We are grateful to all of those involved for sharing your knowledge and experience with the veterinary community.

If your veterinary business or group would like to kickstart your sustainability journey with a similar event, tailored specifically to your requirements, please get in touch with Vet Sustain at [email protected] or VetSalus at [email protected].

Photo credit: Paragon/IntroPR